Want to become our partner or reseller?

We are very much interested in broadening our network of Adeo ERP resellers and partners. Join us for mutual benefits!

We need support from our reseller partners to reach our end-users, perform sales, training and support. Our reseller partners have price privileges depending on the volume of licenses sold, starting with the second license purchased.

Furthermore, we are interested in making our product better with the help of our reseller partners, by seriously taking into consideration and implementing suggestions our partners or end-users might have. To begin with, we are interested in translating and localizing our product to suite your end-user market.

· Reseller terms and benefits

Price privileges offered to our reseller partners are as follows:

  • 20% discount off your second and every further license purchased

  • 30% discount off your eleventh and every further license purchased in the following year

Also, we try to work closely together with our reseller partners in improving our product.

For a detailed explanation of reseller terms, please download a template of our reseller agreement.

· Become our reseller

Contact us at info@adeo.in for further information and let’s start our business together!

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